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18 Jan 2016


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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 28 Mar 2012

Let's imagine that you are the web master of a large website and you would like to back it up on the hard disk, but you don't have the FTP details in order to view its files. Or you have a slow Internet connection and you would like to save a website, for browsing it offline. All these situations can be solved by installing the NCollector Studio application. This Windows program allows one to download all the files included in a website and save it on the hard disk, for browsing the website offline just like browsing it online. This will allow accessing the website even if the Internet connection is down or working very slowly.

Because it's a Windows application, NCollector Studio doesn't pose any problems when installing, as the installation wizard is intuitive. After getting the program into the system and launching it, the user will notice a graphical interface that features several sections. These sections allow searching the web using the most popular search engines, downloading a website for offline browsing, downloading only certain file types from a site and creating a mirror of the website, for backup purposes.

Searching the web using the program's interface can save a lot of time, as the user doesn't need to launch the web browser and point to the web page of the search engine. In the same manner, downloading a website on the hard disk is one simple thing thanks to the wizard-like interface. The user basically needs to enter the path for saving the site's files, enter the link of the website and the scanning level. At this point, the program will start analyzing all the site's files and will begin downloading them automatically, one by one. Thus, the user will have an exact copy of the entire website and will be able to browse it offline like if he was online.

Besides downloading complete websites, NCollector Studio also has a feature that allows downloading only certain file types from a website. This is useful for wallpaper downloading websites, as the user doesn't need to save every image, one by one, thus saving time.


It features a wizard-like interface that allows easy downloading of any website on the hard disk. Besides that, it includes a search tool that uses all the well known search engines. Furthermore, certain file types can be downloaded from a website, for example, images.


There are limited configuration options available. NCollector Studio is the perfect tool for downloading complete websites on the hard disk and browsing them offline.

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NCollector Studio has been reviewed by Jerome Johnston on 28 Mar 2012. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated NCollector Studio 4 out of 5 stars, naming it Excellent


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